You can modify Mario Kart Wii to play with Waluigi and Wario on foot

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Yes, yes I do! Funny you should mention it, as the old Wii just got a fresh burst of attention from the young’uns last week and has been used quite a bit since then.

It’s already jailbroken too (at least to the extent that I put the Homebrew Channel on it). Now if I can just figure out how to install these mods…


This is the Wii, and not the Wii U, right?

yes the wii. (from what I can tell sorry if wrong)

anyone remember Sonic R? nice game flew under the radar and by that I mean with nostalgia fans, while it was known to exist when it came out. fans are known to pay good cash for the saturn copy meanwhile I had the PC copy and I can’t give it away to collectors. made by Traveller’s tales who went on to make some really popular games. (the lego series I think?)

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