You can sleep after a concussion


My understanding was that attempting to keep the victim awake is not a treatment but a diagnostic: it lets you know if they’ve slipped into a coma.

Why this is great news! I was planning on a concussion right about 10PM!

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I have to agree with you on the diagnostic part The study may be valid, but letting someone with a brain injury sleep before arriving at the hospital is something I would not do.

The last time I dealt with an individual who had struck their head many miles from the nearest hospital, I kept asking questions to ascertain their mental state on the 45 minute hike out. I kept the routine up during the hour long drive to the hospital.

It was a good gauge of their mental function, and gave me room to change plans if needed. I also wound up with a good set of responses to hand over to the medical staff for diagnoses when we arrived. e.g.: They are lucid now but 20 minutes ago they could not tell what their birthday was and an hour before that could not remember who I was.

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