You have a fifty pound box of stuff you can take to 1450 North America What do you take?

Same as my other thread however this is different since I know less about pre-columbus america, the politics between native tribes, and so forth.

Also Columbus still lands when and where he does.

Where do you want to be dropped off?
What do you take with you?
How do you prepare before going? You have a year prep time.

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I presume only period appropriate items are allowed. Hm. I would be inclined to go to one of the Caribbean islands, they were easier going than what you saw in the main continent.

You should read this book, then:


49 pounds of vaccines and a box of preemptive apology letters.


As my people are already here I would tell them to kill the white ghosts on sight. Burn every ship and kill em all. Don’t let them talk. Don’ try to trade. Just exterminate with extreme prejudice everywhere they show up. The dark ones we may be able to negotiate with, but the white skins are evil spirits that can not be allowed anywhere near our or our neighbours territory.

Sigh. That was a nice fantasy. Carry on.

Edit: I do not advocate or condone killing people, even fictionally. Life is sacred. But damn, I do have to wonder if overall there would be less death if we didn’t try to be friendly.


Surveying equipment and a land-title record keeping system.

(not sure why that’s a reply to you, it isn’t!)

Oh hey what Nation/Tribe?

Do you know the language well enough to communicate?

Hey anyone know if there are any vaccines that keep without room temperature?

Having geology maps and knowledge of where mineral wealth is would probably be helpful along with… hell i’m thinking ‘how do i boot strap these people who are mostly stone age on the tech tree to deal with europeans.’

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"One Arat came to me one day, very kindly, in a neighboring village where I was preparing the baptism of a Carib cacique, wishing to make me a presentation, which I took as a personal gift, he passed me a basket, in which there was a hand and foot of an Arawak, and then invited me to eat…"
Pierre Pelleprat, 1655

You don’t want to end up as long pork.

If I recall my Jared Diamond correctly…


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