Young gorilla does its own dental work

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Hmmm… I don’t think I really want to know.


Baby teeth?


Well, a friend of mine1) once used a Dremel to drill a hole in one of his molars.
He was away on an assembly job am Arsch der Welt, it was Sunday, and he was in extreme pain (before drilling).
Went to the dentist two days later; dentist told him that he basically did the right thing, if a bit crude, and finished the job.

1) Marcus, if you read this, sorry for borrowing. The next round is mine.

You will, of course, forgive me if I don’t watch that.

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“Hold my banana, and watch this!”


been there - done that

of course, i wasn’t naked or as hairy at the time


Weird that a slightly furrier great ape shares a similar anatomy as a uber common naked great ape…

I’m more interested in a zoo that doesn’t intervene where an animals health is an issue. Why didn’t the animals handler get involved?

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