You're a laboratory mistake. Can anybody love you?


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See, I’ve always said, building a mate out of grave-robbed body parts never works out.


Speak for yourself.



windows only. alas.


So… I’m thinking it’s something like this?


Dad: " We never intended to have three kids."

Youngest child off to the side: “What?”
Cries self to sleep that night.


I’ve always known I’m the result of a busted condom. I always thought it was pretty rad that I got adopted. Self-pity for existing is selfish and pointless, as far as I’m concerned. Although it’s a dick move to tell a kid they’re not valuable or that they’re less of a person because they’re unplanned.


How, exactly, do you “unsnip” something?




I didn’t think of that but I think that’s the opposite of what Leigh Alexander meant in this post.

Someone I know likes to say they need to “unthaw” something from the freezer and gets annoyed when I say “Why? It’s already frozen.”



You’re lucky. Having a pre-verbal (and usually unacknowledged) loss of family is hard for many adoptees. In fact, the fear “how can anyone love me if my own family didn’t want me?” is a very common issue, consciously or subconsciously.


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