You're vs Your song


The effort is appreciated, but as always the people who need it aren’t the people who will be watching it. Like financial literacy classes. Now if you could get teachers to show this in class…

I think people who write “your’s” are much, much more annoying.

His’ song is cute though.

People don’t misuse it because of not knowing the diffrence. They make typos and/or hit submit too fast, depend on autocorrect and don’t proof read.

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Your wrong

Whose doing?

Golly, I thought it was about the content.

Agent Smith has certainly mellowed since the events of the Matrix trilogy.

Which reminds me:


Much worse are the idiots who misuse: its/it’s and lose/loose.

Your/you’re misusers are just being lazy.


My wrong? You’re mistake.

Hadn’t seen that one, thanks for positively affecting my affect.

Thank you, Jonathan Mann.

oh, how i wish this were more true. unfortunately, i think english has passed the event horizon on this one. same with there/their, where/wear/we’re and related. affect and effect never had a chance

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