YouTube, Netflix lead TV streaming

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Little boxes on TV sets are dead

Oh, “little boxes”! That makes more sense than what I thought it said. My way, you’d have kitty litter kicked all over the lounge. :smiley:



I wonder if Nielsen has data on what is running the apps, ie. smart TV installed software, 3rd party streamer (Roku), or a non-TV application like smart phone or tablet. I firmly believe that the push to digital cable and the reluctance and lobbying by the cable industry to never fully go CableCard or some equivalent.

The 90’s were glorious for the shear simplicity of connectivity. You were essentially buying a cable line into your home and every device had a built in tuner. It really was just plug and play, no need for those little boxes. My parents still use a Spectrum top box and it’s painful. Booting is measured in minutes of minutes and there is no “flipping” through channels. Granted there is no real flipping on any IPTV setup I’ve seen…

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This makes sense. YouTube is a free to use service with content updating every minute, and Netflix is a service that not only gained an early foothold with consumers but also can reasonably be expected to get content from other services (eventually). Despite price hikes and a crackdown on password sharing (which I’m curious to hear if anyone has actually seen enforced), they stand out as the best bet for consumer money.

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For my Netflix account, which my son was also using, I got a notification that I could add him as another user. I paid.

My brother has been sharing his account with my parents and hasn’t seen anything enforced yet. My parents don’t use the account through a smart TV or streaming device. I wonder if they track through devices (ones that tend to pair with static locations) or concurrent logins.


This seems to be the key. I had a shared account shut down on a TV, but streaming or casting from the same location using a phone works just fine. However, that could change in the future.

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I have sky Stream here in the uk, which is sky tv but with out the sat dish, you just use it on the net, and it works fine, I can browse tv channels like i would on tv, just pressing up or down and its fine.

Yes I was using my dads account here in the uk, as they paid the £17 a month for the ultra hd one, and 4 users, and he got emails, cos i was using it, 40 min drive away at my house.

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