YouTube obituary readers making bank

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing an opportunity by not creating this sort of low effort exploitative content myself. Then I remember I’m not an asshole.


Per the article it really doesn’t sound like many people are actually getting rich off of this. Ethics aside, it sounds like a lot of work for a pretty minimal payout. Plus they’re likely to get replaced with AI-generated crap any day now.


Hawking radiation?

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Take 20k+ news article excerpts with tags,

run them through my SP0256-AL2 text-to-speech chip,

cycle through images ripped from CrAIyon for the video.

Post them!



Hocking radiation…I don’t get it. Is it a pun? Autocorrect gone mad?

Too witty for me.

It wouldn’t take much money to make it worthwhile, as all of them are incredibly low-effort - and it seems at least some do automatically scrape the text and images, use “AI”-powered text-to-speech software… it basically is “AI-generated crap.” The low follower count really wouldn’t matter if they have their own ads in there too.

huh. today i learned.

And no mention about the fake obits??? Fuck the offending channels… and fuck YT for allowing them.

It’s never too late. I know a guy who didn’t even start being an asshole until he was in his 60s!

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