YouTube Party!


The rules are simple. Post a fun video.





That’s a good one. I would like it, but I’ve reached my quota, so I’ll like it in 4 hours when I get a refill of likes. :stuck_out_tongue:




I Love Ze Frank. I think his one about the seahoarze is better:


I want this one on my tombstone. I am sure video tombstones will be a thing by the time I kick the bucket.


Always room for a HMHB vid in a thread like this.


Every damn video in this thread is super cool. You folks have good taste.

@ActionAbe, I like the naked mole rat one the best, I think, but they all have their own hilarious bits.
@SmashMartian, I’ll be looking into some other songs from that band. Wicked cool.

@codinghorror, I’ve got another treat for all of us 'Muricans:


The Video Tombstones should at least be a band.


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