YouTube to run ads on videos, monetized or not

Fucking A. The ads have become simply relentless in these past months. Until recently, I’ve never seen the breadth and amount of unskippable pre-roll ads, and videos being broken up with ads in the middle of them.

It’s just awful.


I don’t think you’re seeing surprise here.

YT is implementing more advertising in an increasingly intrusive and obnoxious manner. The advertising is an afterthought imposed with no sense or respect for the content itself.

Television programming has slots and accommodations for ad insertion. YT really doesn’t. They pepper content with it like an overseasoned meal.


Eh, as good as a Pi-hole is - I use it and love it, though it’s a debian-x86-vm-hole - its YT ad blocking leaves a lot to be desired.
I never managed to have them effectively blocked, due to the very mechanism Pi-hole works (DNS black hole).

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Those were the days. When we had a future, however dystopic. Theora offered comfort, though. image

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Of course it is your choice to remain on YouTube, and I don’t intend to question that choice, as it is your livelihood that is at stake.

However I think it is not entirely fair to picture the situation in a way that makes it look like someone else is forcing your hand, and only the government can help, especially because all those individual choices of content creators are what creates that monopoly in the first place.

There are other platforms out there, some of them may not be as convenient, or they may not be free, but they exist. Check out the first two results here:

Youtube’s website works in the Firefox browser (with uBlock Origin, Noscript etc.) on Android. I have to keep reminding myself, though, since the Youtube app’s built-in, and it’s right there…

Speaking of, this happened 33 years ago tomorrow…


Wow. Blaming content creators for YouTube’s monopoly is… just bizarre (and a real dick thing to say). There has never been a viable alternative. This is a razor thin margin business so you have to be where the most eyeballs are and those have always been on YouTube.

Being a content creator only became a viable business because YouTube accumulated enough eyeballs and provided the tools to make it all work. Nobody else ever came even close to doing that.

Remember that the viewers came before the content creators did. So if you want to play the conservative card and blame individuals for the monopoly, blame yourself if you’ve ever watched even a single YouTube video.


In European Union every site with user content will be required to have copyright filter soon, due to Copyright Directive. It means that only Youtube, Facebook and other big players will be left. Internet will get as awful as cable TV.


I think “convenient” refers to the benefit of a creator’s audience than the creator.

Advice to block ads and/or have a creator look for a different platform don’t address this issue.


I use Firefox with uBlock on my phone, does a great job against adds that slip through AdAway.
It’s just that using YouTube in the browser on mobile is less convenient than the app.

I use Firefox on all the platforms I use (Linux, Mac, Android). The plugins I use are:
Privacy Badger (from the fine folks at the EFF)
HTTPS Everywhere (ditto)
uBlock Origin
Contrast Fix (for those fuckwits that think putting yellow/light gray script on a white background is cutting-edge web design. Here’s a clue, dipsticks: No it ain’t. The purpose of a web page is to convey information. If the page cannot be easily read, it is a FAIL)

Some of these plugins may be overkill/borderline paranoia.
Only thing I have noticed is some discombobulation between audio & video synchronization on some videos. I just pretend they are being overdubbed…
Haven’t seen an ad in decades. Seeing the web on someone else’s computer is truly horrifying.

ETA: Sometimes NoScript has to be tweaked in order for some sites to work properly, but you wouldn’t believe how many outside entities are lurking around,


I’m going to have to try Contrast Fix out. Whoever thought that low-contrast print was “edgy” and “cool” ought to be given a life sentence of only having reading material in extra-low contrast.

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I’m intrigued.

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