Zbrush meeds the Monster Manual


Dude needs to quit hanging out in Sochi with that Bob Costas fellow. Or maybe conjunctivitis is normal for the species. Or maybe redeye is cool in the D & D world and neither a symptom of disease nor aesthetically displeasing, the latter depending, you know, on who’s looking, like Dwarves wouldn’t care so much but Elves would be like ewww, gross, one of those in-the-eye-of-the-Beholder–kinds of situations.


So, that’s what was chasing Jack Black…

-_-…your pun is bad and you should feel bad.


Cool! I’ve just started recreating characters from the cover of the old D&D Basic set using ZBrush here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/leonfranzen

Are these digital images, or miniatures?

In this day and age they could be either.

They’re digital. I’ll be receiving a 28mm resin print of the fighter today according to UPS.

Subject line meeds fixing!


And I had deemed it the highest of witticisms! No, really, I only feel bad that I can’t tell if you’re being a jerk or continuing the joke. 0_0


I can answer any Zbrush questions if anyone has any.

Oh jeez, nostalgia overload and it’s barely even noon.

Has Zbrush Buddha-nature or not?


I want to make a genital warts joke, but I also want to stay classy.

that is not a questions all have Buddha Nature but fail because the illusion or Maya (not the software just irony).


There is now a dedicated blog page for Farley’s ZBrush monsters:


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