ZERO tolerance for trying to out users publicly on the BBS

Under no circumstances is it ok to publicly doxx, out, or attempt to reveal a connection between a past and present user on the BBS.

If you believe a user is engaging in ban evasion, sockpuppetry, or other similar acts in bad faith, please notify me, @moderators, or flag the post in question.

Do not do this publicly. We try to create a safe space for members here, and that includes the right to choose to change your persona, or to decide to leave, and then return, as long as these actions are taken in good faith. We support the GDPR right to be forgotton and the right for everything you do on the internet to not be tied to you now and forever if you so choose, and will not support users trying to publicly call out user identies without the consent of those being called out.

Thank you.