Zooming in on a tooth until you can see individual atoms


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My dentist would love this. An indication of a single “cavity atom” would trigger an emergency call-in from him. Gotta get those kids through college, you know.


Looks like it was carved out of sandstone.


Great application for a scanning tunneling microscope! Move a single atom of amalgam to fill the hole! Wait, that’s an alloy . . .


That’s a thought. Perhaps move different atoms to end up with dental amalgam?


sure is something to chew on


Now let’s zoom out a bit more.
Oh, dear god, no!


see, a spinach atom, right there…NO, on the other side.


That’s the tooth.


“Is it safe?”


Of course now they use polymers cured by UV (as I found out a month ago). I don’t know how big those particular molecules are, but it would take a while to move the atoms in, one by one by one . . . .


That would be where job security come into play.


Isn’t this the opening of Fight Club?


So how do I floss that gap between the atoms? Or what about the yawning void between the nucleus and the electrons? So much empty space there for food buildup.


That’s where the electrolytes get in

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