Zooming in on a tooth until you can see individual atoms

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My dentist would love this. An indication of a single “cavity atom” would trigger an emergency call-in from him. Gotta get those kids through college, you know.


Looks like it was carved out of sandstone.

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Great application for a scanning tunneling microscope! Move a single atom of amalgam to fill the hole! Wait, that’s an alloy . . .


That’s a thought. Perhaps move different atoms to end up with dental amalgam?


sure is something to chew on


Now let’s zoom out a bit more.
Oh, dear god, no!


see, a spinach atom, right there…NO, on the other side.


That’s the tooth.

“Is it safe?”

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Of course now they use polymers cured by UV (as I found out a month ago). I don’t know how big those particular molecules are, but it would take a while to move the atoms in, one by one by one . . . .

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That would be where job security come into play.

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Isn’t this the opening of Fight Club?

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So how do I floss that gap between the atoms? Or what about the yawning void between the nucleus and the electrons? So much empty space there for food buildup.

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That’s where the electrolytes get in

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