1,661 pulp novels as free e-books



I suggest looking at the available Steve Fisher novels. He was an amazing pulp novelist too, and famously a screenwriter for some late Bogart films. Munsey’s has several of his books. It’s a great site.

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Great, now I have another 1,661 novels to read!
Why so many cool books?!

“It’s about a kidnapping/murder seen through the eyes of different characters, and takes places in Texas. Willeford is one of the great hardboiled noir writers. I read everything of his I can get my hands on.”, AND it’s called “Whip Hand”.

(Would also make a great band name)

Charles Willeford did not ghost write Whip Hand fror Franklin Sanders. Real information is freely available on the web.

The number of books classified as fiction is 6133. Quite a trove.

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