Free pulp sci-fi, mystery, crime and fantasy magazines? Yes please!

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O_0 how is there only ONE Shadow pulp on there?

Lucky for us, they are slowly reprinting all of them on Sanctum Press.


Ooh, thanks for this find! I love tracking the old ones down. I can feel the gritty pulp and smell the moldy paper!

This made my day better. Thank you.

So I’ll shill but only b/c this site has really, really helped us: I do a pulp podcast called Interrupted Tales (like MST3K for pulp stories) and these folks have pretty much quadrupled the stories available to us. Between this,, and Project Gutenberg, there are more and more great people preserving these important (if sometimes crazy) stories…


Just finished up a treasure trove of A. E. Van Vogt books I discovered in a used bookstore. Heading here next.

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Having no income of my own I don’t spend a lot of money, but and a few similar websites get a small annual donation from me out of money I receive as birthday and holiday gifts, etc.

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Yep, that’s bookmarked for later.
Some I’ll read, but I may just browse for crazy covers, just like I did from the Heavy Metal link a while back.


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