Campbellian anthology: more than 860,000 words of free fiction from new sf/f authors


How ironic that the original 2013 anthology appears to be entirely unavailable anywhere on the web – I literally followed every single Google link, and all the relevant ones pointed to the original blog post, with links that are no longer available. Such is the fate of a free-as-in-beer, DRM-free ebook after only a few months, whereas you can find just about any non-free book, even the most obscure ones, on torrent and cyberlocker sites these days with just a few minutes of searching.

Anyone know where one can find a copy of the 2013 anthology? I couldn’t find anything in the original blog post that suggested that the free anthology couldn’t be redistributed, making its utter disappearance all the more depressing.

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I just hope it is somehow bookmarked, I would shoot myself if I lose the track of which story I´m reading in a 111 tales anthology!

Try this: Wayback machine mirror of the epub

I also have a local mirror if you can’t use that for some reason.

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What they don’t tell you is that you may get all 860,000 words, but you have to assemble them yourself.

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If anyone’s having trouble getting the .mobi to work on their Kindle (I have a Kindle Fire HD that I wanted to load it on, doesn’t seem to grok it, could just be an incomplete download) try grabbing the .epub and use Calibre to convert and copy it to the device. Worked like a charm for me.

The copyright page of the 2013 anthology states that the free distribution window is from Feb 2013 through April 2013, so the Wayback Machine is probably the only game in town, now.

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