Planet of the Damned, free on Kindle


It’s been free at Project Gutenberg for a few years.

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Doesn’t seem to be free for me :frowning:
Link takes me (redirects?) to where it is listed at $8.99

The Gutenberg link is

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It redirected me to Even in this book isn’t free.

actually quick a bit of Harrison’s stuff is free on amazon in the US.

I remember getting Spaceship Medic through the school book buying program when I was a kid.

Same here: redirects me to, which I loathe. Even when I force it to go back to, the book lists there for $7.99

Odd, it is free here in America. Does the Gutenberg link above work for you? Doesn’t for me but may be a feature of the VPN/ISP I am subject to today.

I am sorry. No offense meant to our Canadian neighbors.

The copy on is a Macmillan copy as the book isn’t in the public domain in Canada or likely most of the EU. If the country doesn’t use rule of shorter term then the copyright is still in force.

I loved Harry Harrison when I was a kid. I’m not sure it holds up though - I recently re-read some of his work and found it a bit juvenile.

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