More excellent $2 ebooks on Amazon

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It’s tempting to wait for them to show up on Humble Bundle. Especially since they’re DRM-free there.

None of these are showing up as $1.99 for me.
I guess you have to have an IP address in the USofA.

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All around USD 5 to 7 to me too (Brazil). Damn you, Amazon.

Dear forum geniuses: is there a magical directory of wonderful Amazon ebook deals, preferably taking into account their frustrating global-sales-local-deals tendencies? Because the store inside my Kindle is definitely no good for finding that kind of thing.

Definitely not a USA and other places thing, I’m in the states and these are all above 2bux

Edit: Then again… a lot can change in 48+ hours.

Yeah these were only $1.99 for less than a day. And only in the USA (if Amazon could tell where you were from).

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Maybe Amazon adjusts the price based on interest? Because the Kindle edition is showing up as 9.99 for me, and I’m sure my current IP should show up as in the USA.

The paperbacks is 8.12.

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