50% off O'Reilly books for the International Day Against DRM


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It’s only ebooks. Bummer.

The ebook I want to buy (The Art of Readable Code) is still more expensive at O’Reilly than on Amazon, even after the 50% discount.

One thing I did notice is that the O’Reilly book sold through Amazon is DRM protected. That’s disappointing. Even though the DRM is easy to strip, I’d still prefer them to sell it DRM free on principle.

I don’t believe Amazon would allow that, which is one of Cory’s points about the whole Hachette mess, if I recall correctly.

You can definitely sell DRM free Kindle titles on Amazon. It’s the audio book version (through Audible) that’s a big problem.


Excellent. My mistake. Perhaps I was confusing the two. Here’s what I was thinking of:

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