The Car Hacker's Handbook: a Guide for Penetration Testers

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Let’s hope that after the fall of Trump that computerized death computers get some press!

Strange thing with Amazon pricing on this one…

The US store: Kindle version: $40.34 — Paperback: $28.54
The UK store: Kindle version: £28.05 — Paperback: £86.88

So the Kindle version is roughly the same price in both countries, with today’s currency.

In US, the paperback is about two-thirds of the Kindle version.
In UK, the paperback is more than four times the price of the Kindle version(!)

What gives?

It’s just demand pricing. Several copies of the UK paper edition are (supposedly) available now whereas the US paper edition is a few months back-ordered.

And when I go to Amazon, the Kindle edition is $1.43 less than paper. And paper is a 1 - 4 month wait. It’s too bad, because I’d like to buy this, but not for $27 on an electronic device. I understand the “demand pricing” thing, but my own kindle book is a fixed price; I wish they would fix theirs at a place that was reasonable. (Why not make it, say, half off the paper edition?)
Looks like a great book though!

Recently purchased a 2015.5 Volvo for this express purpose and work and play as a professional pen tester. Just read the ToC. I’m in. $27 is a bargain.

I put this one on my wish list for my upcoming birthday. Better that I hack my new car than that someone else does.

The Kindle price is cut to $27.11 if you have Amazon Prime.

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