Tidhar's "Violent Century": Watchmen meets Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy


I wonder why the Kindle price is more expensive than the paperback price?

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Came here to say that too. Kindle version $6 more than a physical book? Boo on your publisher.


I’ll chime in, too. No way the Kindle version should cost more than the paperback. Double-Boo on the publisher!

Full disclosure: I work for Hodder, the publishers of The Violent Century, but I’m commenting in a purely personal capacity.

To clarify, the ebook is cheaper than the current physical edition, which is the hardback. The paperback is only available for pre-order and isn’t published until March. Amazon.com isn’t listing the hardback as the main edition, for some reason, which gives a misleading impression.

The price of the ebook will drop when the paperback is released. “Windowing” ebook prices to reflect the price of the most current physical edition is common practice for publishers. Whether that’s a fair strategy is another question. But it’s quite simply not the case that the ebook costs more than the physical book.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to part with your money for it, of course. But The Violent Century is a really great read - Lavie Tidhar’s writing is brilliant, so I hope you’ll want to check it out!


By the love of Pete, please fix font encoding on main post!


That might be true but $16.84 for an ebook is usurious. I was going to buy it (as I’ve enjoyed his other works) until I saw the aprox. $17 pricetag for a DRM protected bunch of bytes. The nice hardcover is $3 more on Amazon.

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It’s not? The first result I got was that it’s German for Superman. I’m used to seeing it spelled Übermenschen or Übermensch though. Maybe Ãœbermenschen is Yiddish-influenced.

It’s mojibake. Someone’s using some broken Windows software that pasted in UTF-16 characters instead of UTF-8.

And days later, they still can’t be bothered to fix it.

Ahh, but of course. It just looks so feasible this time, rather than Euro symbols and mathematical notation.

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