The Martian and Station Eleven are both $1.99 as Kindle ebooks today

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I cannot seem to be able to purchase the book for that price. It show at 6.37$… Maybe it has some kind of regional pricing instituted?

Which one do you want? I will buy it and gift it to you (need your email address, send it to me at


No joy at Amazon.Canuckistan either. Full price here.

The Martian = geek survival porn, I have no idea if the screenplay will work for normals but I plan to drag my wife along to the film.


For me it shows at $8.12…
Kindle is bought in the US, still has a US address somewhere in the settings but I’m in the Netherlands now.
Maybe once I get around to reading the free sample I’ll just get it for full price.

I just finished The Martian a couple days ago - a pretty good read. Very dense with science facts and figures. I think it’s created a new subgenre itself; “weights and measures sci-fi.” It gets a little slow at some points, but considering it’s basically just one man on Mars, thats not surprising, and it recovers pretty quickly. Worth reading, especially for $2.


I hope the subgenre takes off. Too much of sf is chock full of difficult-to-track hard-to-imagine characters and their interactions, with the technology playing a distant third fiddle in the background.


Well yeah and one of the central themes of The Martian is that the physics, the numbers, the facts of getting a human being to Mars are god damn terrifying.

Nature gives no fucks about any of us.


The Martian was a lovely read.

Ps. These show as $6-something and $10-something to me. I’ll just repeat my question from the other thread, just in case. Not much hope though.

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