My Maker Dad book is $2 on Kindle


Mark, is this bait and switch?

Amazon asks for 8,76$ for the kindle version. Which is not much, but also not 2$.

Or maybe this is discriminatory pricing, as I am in Europe?

Greetings, Tim

Sorry about the European pricing, but I can confirm it is $2 for the U.S. Amazon. Purchased! Thanks @frauenfelder!

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Is it available elsewhere, preferably in a DRM-free format? I’m happy to pay more for that, especially if there are fewer middlemen involved.

I’m signed in to my US Amazon account and see $5.99

Okay so I’m using a VPN into the US, an account with a US billing address and delivery address, and am still getting $5.99. Only thing I didn’t change was my card which is from an Australian issuer. Amazon must be using this as a basis for (admitedly rightly) assuming I’m not in the US (although hypothetically I could be an Australian temporarily living in the US).

I get a nice big banner at the top of every page in the Kindle store telling me about the Australian Kindle store and pushing me to move my account there (where I would get access to greatly fewer books, and higher prices across the board).

As mentioned by others, would much prefer to purchase directly and DRM-free.

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Just bought it from mexico with my US amazon account with Mexican Address and Mexican billing detaills at two bucks AND I get the stupid banner telling me about the Mexico store.
Sorry, don’t know what to tell you.

Yes, it’s $8.76 for me too. I’m on, logged on from Germany :frowning:

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