Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning anthology on sale for $2 as a Kindle edition

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Eh it says 10.99 if I try to buy it…


My wife/kids got me the HC for Xmas 2014, and I lost it on my bookshelf. Hauled it out this week while head-cold-avoiding-computer-work and am moderately resentful that I lost it.

Canadian link =) same price

thanks for sharing!

Well guess the deal is not world wide then…

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£3.99 in the UK. :angry: First they don’t let us watch John Oliver, and now this.

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Supply a US billing address for your credit card, and they will happily process your payment. (Delaware Mailboxes, LLC, 1400 Peoples Plaza is a popular one to use.)

If you have qualms about this, keep in mind that Amazon’s geoblocker will still prevent you from buying music and that Amazon could quickly put a stop to this if they wanted to.


This shits me no end. I can buy digital games & books through Amazon, but they refuse to let me buy songs - even with gift cards - if I don’t have an American credit card on my account.

Top work there, protect the artists from all of that money I was going to throw their way.


After reading this post I tried to buy this as a gift for my girlfriend, and I wasn’t allowed to.
Not sure if more disappointed with BoingBoing, Amazon or modern life in general…

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Go with modern life in general… that covers it all. :wink:


$16.19 for me

$8.56 for me in NZ.

What she said.
And if you’re still disappointed in boingboing let me know!

[size=10] You’re new so heads up: The list is just a running gag around here :slight_smile: [/size]


Because Amazon does IP detection and deals are country specific.

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In USD or NZD? If NZD I had no idea it was so overvalued

USD. I’d get quoted NZD on checkout, which would be just shy of NZ$13.

Either Amazon is soaking me or all customers in Japan

4,99 € on
Well, still kinda of good deal.

$5.76 (£4.02) in Spain using an Amazon UK account on the site. It’s cheaper on Amazon UK by 3p.