Great deal on bunnie Huang's The Hardware Hacker: $3.74 as a hardcover book

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It’s a good price, and I liked it when I read it, but when a hardcover book hits that price that generally means it was remaindered. Which is unfortunate for Huang as it means his book didn’t sell very well.

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musta been a glitch in the matrix, is showing up at $~11 right now (just a few hours after mark’s post)

Myself and my SO just bought copies for 4 bucks shipped. So dunno why you can’t see it.

strange, now i see the $3 price as well. but amazon can be very weird sometimes with respect to pricing changes.

edit - indeed camelcamelcamel shows some crazy price action the last few days, but no $11 -

Aug 10, 2018 09:21 AM $3.77
Aug 09, 2018 05:10 PM $3.89
Aug 09, 2018 01:49 AM $4.00
Aug 08, 2018 09:38 AM $4.05
Aug 07, 2018 06:16 PM $4.15

I just bought the hardcover for $3.72 shipped as well. Too bad the kindle version wasn’t this cheap.

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I heard Amazon was thinking about experimenting with per-user pricing based on that accounts previous buying history. Didn’t hear any more, but also didn’t hear that they weren’t going to.

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