Free Kindle edition programming guides

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Grabbed! Thank you for pointing them out.


Very nice, sent that on to my Son. Thanks BB!


Already over? They’re now showing up as $5/pop for me.


It shouldn’t be. I’m still seeing them as discounted:

Ah! Region locked. If I go through a US VPN, I see the discount.


Ok, that makes sense. Well, sort of, as I don’t get why they wouldn’t discount them across all regions. Thanks for the answer!

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I can’t download them for free, and logging into Amazon kills the free offer too. Can anyone be really nice and download them for me please? :smiley:

Not free in the UK - it’s merely a way to sucker you in to the Kindle Unlimited subscription

I’m only seeing the Java one as discounted. Shame, it’s the one less relevant to me.

From the description of the Python Programming book: “much of technical jargons were eliminated… you will likely (almost always) encounter when creating your codes.”

This doesn’t bode well.

I don’t see them as actual for-real free, it’s only free-asterisk, as part of a paid Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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