Humble Bundle Nebula Showcase: great, DRM-free science fiction, benifitting the Science Fiction Writers of America

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Dammit! A bunch aren’t available to Canuckistanians.


A bit unrelated, but is it me, or have Humble Bundle game bundles really gone downhill since the acquisition? I used to pick one up practically every week, and now I think I haven’t touched more than one in months.

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Anybody know how to access the serialbox audio that accompanies a few of the titles?

What’s the best way of keeping track of all these DRM-free ebooks? They sure don’t bother giving them useful filenames. Is Calibre the ticket?

I might suggest that changes in the indie dev scene are at fault – for instance, the flooding of Steam with crap titles means that it’s barely worth browsing anymore. But I I seem to be getting the bundles on more frequently than those on Humble Bundle as of late, so perhaps the new management is partly to blame.

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All the humble bundle ebooks I have downloaded so far the file names were the book title.

True, I suppose they’re not useless filenames. But nonetheless, I have a folder of epubs and I barely remember how I got them or what they’re supposed to be about or why I should start reading any of them. And I’ll probably get in on the lowest tier of this one, too.

On that note, the Pop Culture Survival Guide is worth checking out.


In my humble opinion, this collection has some of the best SFF books ever written, as I suppose one should expect for a Nebula Award-themed collection.

I put The Female Man, Dhalgren, and The Sheep Look Up in the “everybody should read this” category, as books that both have powerful things to say and were doing significantly new things with the written form itself. And many of the rest - Parable of the Talents, Bones of the Earth, Blood Music, Nightwings, Book of Skulls, Babel-17, Being There, among others - are classics of their genres.

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For reading Humble books:

Calibre is the ticket if you care to manage a library of files on a single hard drive.

I wanted all the cloudy-syncy mobile stuff that a Kindle does, so Google Play Books will let you upload your own EPUB books like these and then read them through their cross-platform reader apps and library browser. They usually come with covers and metadata that you’d expect. I buy loads of these and find Google Play works quite well.

Humble Bundle also creates an account for you, so you can re-download the EPUB from any browser, but you’ll need a reader to open the files.

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Once you purchase the bundle, you’ll receive a coupon code to get the series on their app or website, which includes the audio.

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