Humble Ebook Bundle II: name your price for Last Unicorn, Wil Wheaton, Lois McMaster Bujold, Little Brother, Boneshaker, and Spin!

It’s time for another Humble Ebook Bundle! Once again, I was honored to serve as volunteer curator of the Humble Ebook Bundle, a project from the Humble Indie Bundle people who’ve made Internet history by bundling together awesome, DRM-free media and letting you name your price for it. We did the first Humble Ebook Bundle… READ THE REST

I like humble bundle as much as the next guy, but a floating mobile ad I can’t close? Seriously?


Seriously, what the hell.

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It’s days like this that I love my Safari Quickstyle extension and know CSS, etc.

In Chrome you can press f12 then select the element and hit the delete key to remove it. I do this sometimes if the element is onerous enough.

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I can do none of those things on my phone unfortunately

Yeah, I dunno. Churlish to complain about super cheap books, and the last one was worth it just for Old Man’s War and Pirate Cinema, but The Secret World Chronicle was just awful fan-fic and not even a complete story. I can’t believe how much time I wasted slogging through that one and the naff Twilighty thing by the same author that was stuck on the back end.

We took it down. Sorry.


Just got the newsletter myself. Boneshaker was already on my list - heard it’s quite a good steampunk novel. Don’t need this Wheaton book though - probably just the same pretentious drivel like his blog.


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Thank you


is there any way i can get it well pretty much for free i cant have a bank account nor do i have any money (i am disabled with severe gran mal epilepsy) and cannot drive live off of EBT (food stamps) and the love of my family so i have no way of useing paypal etc…

Gimme your email and I’ll gift it to you.

BTW we need some sort of private message system here.

Thank you so much i have emailed you! thank you again!

If you have not read it yet, Shards of Honor alone makes this bundle worth it.

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I’m gonna purchase this one. I already have two of the books in paper-form, but ti looks like a good collection, including some stuff I wanted to read anyway.

Just bought the bundle. I’ve been meaning to read some of these for a while.

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I bought it for Boneshaker and because I´m half thought Little Brother and I feel bad not paying for it.

I´m cool with Wheaton, but I don’t like biographies.

I hope more books get added to the bundle!!! It´s a great way to discover new authors.


Hmm… I think I already have four of the books in my library (Or is it libraries? Does paper versus bits make a difference?) but I made a purchase to support the cause; I think it is important to demonstrate to publishers, authors and readers how important it is to provide reasonably-priced and readily-accessible content.


Aryeh Goretsky

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