Name your price for 11 books in the Humble Science Fiction Bundle


Spellsinger! Never thought that would make a comeback, much less that it would be a premium bonus. Thirty-one years old at this point. Not that it’s bad or anything; it’s just not particularly deep. I guess they can use it to try to sell people on the other seven books in the series? (They’re largely episodic, but the first one has something of a non-ending continued in the second volume.)

Presumably IHNMAIMS is Ellison’s anthology and not just the one short story.

If you click on each book it gives you a description. For I Have No Mouth it says:

…postapocalyptic title story of this collection of seven shorts and the volume’s concluding story, “Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes.”

Unlike, IIRC, Bear’s Forge of God.

I think that was pretty much everything I want a SF book to be. Actually, now I look at the Wiki page, it seems I’m including the sequel, Anvil of Stars.

Anyway, proper hardcore. If the other books are half as good, acquiring this Bundle is a no-brainer.

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Interesting bundle. Bought.

I only wish they offered some charity options with a global appeal.

Both seam to be local charities covering the weaknesses of the US healthcare and education systems, respectively. I respect the American people’s choice to run things differently than they do in Europe, but my taxes already make sure that no one in Austria suffers from unexpected medical bills. Why should I send money to a comparably rich country to make up for their choice to pay lower taxes? I was one of the Americans who pay lower taxes as a result of those policy decisions, I would happily donate more.

Well, this way, the authors got a larger share. Maybe they’ll donate some of it. No damage done.

Excellent. I really enjoyed what I’ve read so far of both Simmons and Bear. We’ll see about the others.

It irks me that it’s billed as a ‘Sci-Fi’ bundle, but half the books are fantasy.

At least they aren’t schlocky horror or wrestling books.

I suppose it could be worse, it’s just… there’s more than enough amazing sci-fi around to fill a bundle, and likewise more than enough great fantasy to fill a bundle. Or they could at least call it what it is. Anyway, I stopped reading fantasy years ago (because there’s enough sci-fi to read full time!), so this bundle has to be a pass for me.

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