1 for All is a new Dungeons & Dragons web comedy series

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Definitely agree with this. The only D&D show I’ve ever been able to get into is the Adventure Zone, and that’s just because I already enjoyed the McElroys so I was willing to put up with the squirminess.

Long running shows/groups of players I’m unfamiliar with seem so inaccessible to me, either because I don’t know where to start or they often already have inside jokes I don’t get. I’ve heard so many good things about Critical Role for instance, and Matthew Mercer’s DM skills have developed a legendary reputation, but I’ve only ever seen contextless clips and they definitely don’t do a good job of selling the show.

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Yeah, I really wanted to like Critical Role, but a lot of these shows just feel like a joke I’m not in on. I want to PLAY D&D, much more than I want to watch others play it. Have you seen Fantasy High? I really like the way that is stage.

I feel like there’s a lot of spaghetti flinging as different formats and staging are tried out and eventually someone will come up with a real hit formula (or at least a hit that I like).

I watched some of Deborah Ann Wohl’s Relics and Rarities and liked it OK, but I didn’t stick with it.

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