“1 Hour of Binaural Nut Sack ASMR,” by Ephemeral Rift

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I initially thought the title was the work of the Huffing BoingBoing bot. Dapper sack though, with the bow tie and all. o_0


I love a long walk for a joke.


Bah! Reminds me of the time the guys at work teased me about eating a nutsack when I brought a plastic baggie of cashews, almonds, etc for snack.

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A hour of sounds of touching a nut sack. What else to say…

I got goosebumps. Then I had to turn it off.

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OK so I’ve talked a lot of shit about this topic in the past but reading the description above, esp:

tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back

…sounds very much like the way in which people describe frisson experienced when listening to music.

Any ASMRs here care to compare the experiences?

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