Jenny Nicholson's "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR" ASMR

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That was a pretty relaxing video.


Brains are weird! Count me among that subset of humanity that experiences ASMR. I’d take exception to all those caveats and “claims to”, but I guess it comes with the (tiny) territory :slight_smile:

FWIW, most ASMR videos out there are more disturbing to me than anything. I think it’s the wet noises of the mouth they can’t help but make as they speak that grosses me out.

My preferred one remains the Holophonic Barbershop, an old audio demo meant to demonstrate the HRTF-based codec Starkey Cetera. Those are real things! And only incidentally related to ASMR. I like to believe that video catalyzed the ASMR scene though, as commentors started popping up about the relaxing effect it had on them.


As someone whose superpower is misophonia, ASMR is like my kryptonite. Hearing those sounds in isolation is liable to make me flip a table. (And the synesthesia and misanthropy don’t help one bit. Blame your sun.)


this is not asmr

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Yep, me too. I get all fight-or-flighty at that stuff. Whispers or water pouring from a pitcher into a cup make me want to break things.


Brains ARE weird. I get ASMR but only in specific situations. It seems to only trigger when someone is being helpful to me, and largely only in person.

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hPpy mutants, all of us

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I remember listening to that years ago, i found it amusing and somewhat interesting but i was done with it by the end. ASMR as we know it doesn’t do much for me, plus i’d rather spend my time gaming than listen to someone slowly make noises at a microphone for an extended period of time.

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My husband is the same way. He has an ASMR response, but not to videos of crinkling paper, taping and water. Those noises are not conducive to anything but annoyance for him. Bob Ross, guided medication, etc are much better for him.


I’m pretty sure guided medication would help a lot of us! (:slight_smile:)


A new entry for What is your band name, rapper name, album name?


It’s called concentration.

The audio channels are switched. Does that mess with ASMR people? Or just folks like me?

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well worth listening to the end.

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Claim? hah… it’s real I’ve never gotten it from such random sounds though mostly music particularly music with TB 303’s. Sometimes it comes from just taking in a nice view (no soundtrack needed). I have no clue why but watching legion recently almost every episode triggered it multiple times and I kind of wonder if there was something done on purpose to trigger it. shrug

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I love the way she expresses herself, its so chill but with emotion in a way, I’m surprised she maded on here, she’s not that big on YT

Same here. I definitely get it, but only when being touched in some way (hair cut, medical exam, etc). I find the idea of the videos interesting, but I never have a real reaction to them.

This isn’t her first mention on boingboing

There may be others.