Jenny Nicholson enacts the "Westworld" sales pitch


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Jenny Nicholson's "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR" ASMR

“why cowboys?” as a way of making a representative for the author’s choice say “because i like cowboys” is just a set up for Jenny’s character not to have to vocalize, “I don’t like cowboys.”

Passive aggression level: Scientologist.


Am I the only one who finds her shtick completely annoying?


Good points I thought. I am enjoying the show overall despite having the same thoughts and more while watching.


"Forget Westworld! Who needs all that wild west gear, carrying around heavy firearms and going on useless treasure hunt narratives when you really just wanted to fuck a lot of androids!

Come to Fuckworld. Android orgies all the time and nothing else"


Rule34 is the definition of shitty dystopia. It is the natural low point of “no real imagination”.


this is the famous “forget the blackjack” step in building your own themepark.


How would I possibly know? Is there a database somewhere about what people think of her and her shtick? What is the significance of whether or not others might feel this way?


Yes, there probably is a database somewhere about this and all subjective humor.

The significance is me trying to figure out why her vids seem so popular and I don’t get why. All I ever see from her is this silly back and forth where she questions some piece of pop culture and asks the stupidest questions that someone who either used a little critical thought (or at least some suspension of disbelief) would never even question things the way she does.


I have to believe that in a futuristic society which can build such advanced androids robo-brothels are probably commonplace.

A theme park where you can MURDER androids in between horseback camping trips with the family, then sneak into a brothel for a guild-free tryst while your spouse takes the kids to the robo-petting-zoo? Now that’s a novel experience.


According to the show narrative, the park and its technology are one of a kind and can only be found there.


Look, I’m not saying every robo-brothel operates on the same proprietary operating systems that Westworld uses, but nobody ever said Westworld was the only place where androids existed. If one company has been able to build androids that could pass the Turing Test 30 years previously then somebody else must have at least caught up to the point where they could host a robo-orgy.


besides how guests can’t shoot or harm each other (so far!), the last question totally negates itself: they ARE trying to make the hosts just really good “robot actors” who don’t remember or feel pain or whatever… but someone is clearly messing with the software and giving them emotions and sentience far beyond intended. THAT’S THE POINT OF THE SHOW, lol


That is pretty much my beef with her shtick. If everything she points out were “fixed” from her pov, the show/film/etc would not exist or be interesting.


HBO has a fake marketing website for park guests. The answer is apparently “smart bullets that can change direction or velocity,” which is why an android can get his face blown off by a projectile that feels like a paintball gun impact to a guest. Improbable technology to be sure but at least it answers the question.


i get those emails. the site has been kind of fun to poke around in.


it’s in the future where both patents and copyright are forever.


I am pretty sure there will probably be “Most Dangerous Game” camping trips in parts of the country. Sometimes they might even use androids.


I have been enjoying the coverage of Westworld on Ars Technica’s “Decrypted” podcast.


It’s a good thing for her that a lot of people aren’t as intelligent as you are, so she can amuse them with videos.