I went to Tokyo Disneyland Cosplay Day and it was spectacular


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That looks like fun. I wish I could afford to go to Tokyo.


Why are the women in the first photo fishhooking their cheeks? Is that a… new thing?


Well now it is since you’ve given it a name.


I can’t claim credit.


I’ve been told by a young lady that it’s a bit like dressing Asian and squinting or dressing African and sticking out your lips. It’s a pantomime of the stereotypical Caucasian dimple.
I have no idea if that has any truth to it. To me it just looks like they are trying to be cute. Young women do some awfully silly things in the name of cute.


I tried to do Cosplay as Donald Duck once but I got arrested for being naked below the waist.


That can’t be Japan. There’s not a single peace sign being flashed in any of those pictures.


The Japanese LOVE cuteness, for some reason. They like their women to look like little girls, I guess because that makes them less threatening an more approachable than women. “School girl” porn is very popular too.


The new ducklips?

“Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it!” – Rodney Dangerfield.


Isn’t it wonderful?


Weren’t there any male cosplayers?


You didn’t see the white guy?


Or, ya know, stuff that makes them happy and brings them a bit of joy in a sexist world… But yeah, probably just silly girls.

Or maybe women like to dress up cute? But no, you’re right, it must be because some dude want them to do it…


Aren’t Gaston and the horse two dudes?


My wife lived in Japan for a year and I’ve talk to others who have lived there and even some real life Japanese people. There IS a consensus that part of the Kuwaii/cuteness/little culture IS male driven. We don’t need to go back and forth on this though. A quick googling will turn up a lot of views that support what I said.



I think that there might have been a dude princess as well, however, I might be mis-remembering…


My guess is, since they are cosplaying Cinderella’s “ugly” stepsisters, they aren’t going for “cute”, necessarily.


Those are definitely dudes. The Gaston guy’s fake cheeks/chin looks especially bizarre, but Disney’s rule on fan costumes in the parks is that you’re not allowed to cover your face. No masks allowed.


Tokyo Disneyland is the only Disney theme park I’ve ever been to. I found it surreal to go through the Splash Mountain ride with all the animatronic figurines singing “zippedy do da” in Japanese. No magic mushrooms necessary yet the effect was the same as eating a whole bunch of them.