This 'Belle' cosplay is some pretty impressive Disney princess-ness

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Sorry to seem ungrateful, but do traditionally beautiful, white cis young female cosplayers who easily fit the Disney princess ideal really need amplification? Can anyone point me in the direction of cosplayers out there working a little outside of societal norms?

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You could google others… Came up with this list of black cosplayers:

I’ve seen Cutiepiesensi IRL, she’s amazing…

Her Sailor Moon/Kill La Kill crossover is badass:

But these aren’t hard to dig up…


You must be fun at parties.




Join a local cosplay group on Facebook or one from a large city, or a cosplay forum in general. You will find a plethora of people of various backgrounds and body types playing all kinds of characters. Or places like io9 or other geek sites will have “best cosplay of X event” which is sure to have a mix of people. It’s literally everywhere cosplayers congregate because cosplay is for everyone.

During the month of February many took the time to highlight black cosplayers.


Very nice. This year I am doing TWO versions of The Shadow, one from the pulp covers, one from the comics. (Steranko and Gary Gianni will be there!) As well as “Swagga’ Fett”. A Scotch drinking Fett in a Mandalorian branded sports jacket. If this doesn’t get me a date, nothing will.


I am, as a matter of fact! :grinning:

I’m really not experienced with cosplay and I don’t fit the societal norms of beauty, so I don’t think it’s super crazy to ask people who are self-selecting as interested in cosplay for some more recommendations.


I have the same kind of cat at home.
Generic Domestic Short Hair Tabby

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So if you combine Satsuki (May) and Usagi (Rabbit) you would end up with Uzuki (April) right? It even works out as a good name-pun.


Sorry to seem ungrateful, but do traditionally beautiful, white cis young female cosplayers who easily fit the Disney princess ideal really need derision? I’ve known many cosplayers in my life and the amount of time, effort, and attention detailed to pull off a really great cosplay is significant to the extreme. I think good cosplayers deserve “amplification” regardless of whether or not they meet with your standards on whether or not their looks make them deserving from your perspective.


It’s a scientifically proven fact that people who use that tired-ass “comeback” are the absolute worst at parties. Definitely worse than anyone they use the comeback on.


** People who ask for a source are actually the worst people at parties.


What sticks in my craw is when people are all, like, “Belle is the smart princess.” Oh please, in the movie, she’s casually reading a book of fairy tales, which seems to be some pretty mild fare. Just because you can read, doesn’t mean you’re smart. It just means… you can read.
But I doth protest too much.


It’s worse than you think:


What days do you go to market? All I’ve heard is that she’s a beauty, but mostly from various folks “odd”, “peculiar” or “strange.” I mean, word on the street is definitely that she’s a “funny girl” but “nose in a book” is the closest I’ve heard to “smart” and honestly, I think they were being perjorative…

Well, we’re told she’s smart but we don’t actually see her do anything particularly intelligent other than read a big book. It is also more her other virtues (patience, compassion, self-sacrifice) that drive the story. Heck, even if she is smart, her story gives her no opportunity to really use her intelligence. (That’s why I’m more a Mulan fan…)

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Can someone please help me understand what makes this cosplay particularly impressive? Is it all of those pleats on the skirt, or is it something else?


My daughter is mixed race and has played multiple Disney Princesses in plays including Belle.

Her last high school performance they wanted her to be Ariel…but she wanted to be Ursula…and she stole the show. The best characters aren’t even always the princess. :wink: (yes this is my proud dad moment)


Especially given that Belle is a brunette and not redhead? Isn’t one point of cosplay to be accurate to the character?

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