Disney princess lingerie sets introduced


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Disney is probably shoveling coal into the litigation furnaces as we speak. I, for one, quite like the Little Mermaid and Jasmine sets.


third Model down is too subtle for me. But then, I am not well versed on my Princesii


This one fairly reeks of ‘cheap marketing ploy’:

Announce some Disney-inspired product that would otherwise be invisible in the huge forest of durable consumables in order to create an uproar that’s worthy of news coverage (read: free, wide-spread publicity).

Wait it out until Disney actually files suit.

Clearly (re)name/explain the product so that it could in no way be connected in any way with Disney.

Disney drops the suit.


The all yellow one? That’s Belle.


Okay… I see it now.

Is the…um…lacing in case you have a tail? you know, If you’re doing BOTH Beauty and the Beast then?


Looks like it would accommodate a whole bunch of tails.


Kinda NSFW post but I should have used my big brain and pieced it together by the title. Haven’t cosplayers been going this route for years now?


As the Scissor Sisters said in one of their songs… Something something “Open you up like christmas”.


Definitely make breakfast with the Disney Princesses a lot more interesting. Is it strange for an adult male to want to eat breakfast with the Disney Princesses?


I certainly imagine that the House of Mouse is…greatly displeased; but would actually be quite interested to see what arguments they can muster.

The fact that we can fairly readily identify them with their associated princess sounds like an interesting start to a thesis about trademark law; but that isn’t necessarily a solid kill; and these clothes certainly aren’t copies of anything Disney sells, or costumes present in their movies(plus, the copyrightability of clothing is a vexed issue; because it is a ‘combination of functional and aesthetic elements’).

Might end up being more pounding of the table than of the facts or the law.


Waiting for a Princess Leia option.


I’m conflicted between:




Well I’m disappointed. Nice undies and all, but if I want to get it on with a Disney princess these are quite unsatisfying. Guess I’ll have to hang around the Halloween store like last year.


My first thought after reading the title but before loading the page was: FOR KIDS?!
Relieved to see it’s just trashy knock-offs.


I wonder how many of those lingerie models had to put up with this kind of thing during this photo shoot.

My guess is probably most, if not all.


i actually clicked on the Yandy link… i regret it.

who, what, ah, crap, I’m too old, my brain just cant get past “that does not look comfortable”


Go for it. I bet you would look great in one of them!


(couldn’t find the same thing in Boba Fett)