Big Hero 6 fabric excludes girl characters because boys think girls are "yuck": manufacturer



They actually wrote “yuck”. Fucking hell. I’m going back to bed.


They need to segment their target… Girls don’t have cooties until the 10-12 years.
Amygdala encodes ‘cooties’ and ‘crushes’ in the developing brain


Frankly, Disney deserves as much of the blame, as they licensed the imagery to the fabric company, and I assume that means they explicitly OKd this. And fact is, Disney has a REALLY mixed history when it comes to representations of women in their films, as regular bb readers will know.


That’s a pity. GoGo’s “stop whining—woman up!” admonition was one of my favorite lines of the movie.


This isn’t always the case, I know growing up I had girl characters on my sheets from Star Wars and Peanuts. Quick Google search I was able to find Peanut sheets for sale now w/ girl characters. While this is bad marketing, I don’t think it will cause the fall of our civilization.


This is why you don’t let your licensing manager directly respond to customers.


But the fabric is so beautiful!

Time for Mark to sell some Jackhammer Jill fabric?



Unfortunately, she fit squarely into the strong woman trope, and had essentially no further character development after she was introduced.


That’s really interesting. I never had the “cooties” phase, I always basically liked girls. I do remember there being a phase where I wasn’t supposed to like girls, though.

I also recall around 4-5th grade other kids starting to “date”, hand holding and such, which is the beginning of the “cooties” years. I wonder how much of that is attributable to kids wanting to emulate adults or teenagers, and how much is actually those individuals maybe being wired more like me (presuming here that my amygdala didn’t match the graph back then).

What does it all mean?


I don’t think she had any less character development than the rest of the superhero team though (excluding Hiro and Baymax). Like most superhero ensemble movies the characters were established right off the bat and more or less conformed to recognizable archetypes to speed up the storytelling. Strong woman, slacker guy, girly girl, whimpering nerd.


Oh holy crap that would be awesome. Hell, even done via Spoonflower would be good enough.


Here’s my theory, FWIW: just before adolescence, kids pick up on the patriarchy’s kryptonite: proper males are somehow drawn to that which they also despise. So they ridicule this perceived weakness.

I think a non sexist society wouldn’t have ‘girl cooties’, but it would still have that fumbling awkward phase, that would truly go away and not grow rapists and rape apologists.


The fabric company may have a keen sense of who they expect to have seen the movie, but they utterly fail to grasp who’s most likely to buy and work with their fabric.


I polled some boys. They do not think girls are anything at all except what adults have told them. So, let’s be clear about what’s happening here: this manufacturer wants to exclude women, and thinks teaching that norm to kids is a good idea.


Sadly, this is nothing new. Avatar: The Last Airbender had some of the best female characters seen in animation. Well-rounded, Bechdel-positive, etc., etc. A significant portion of the entire cast of characters were girls.

Guess which ones didn’t get action figures?


Big Hero 6 fans, we at Springs Creative have heard you loud and clear!

First of all, thank you all for your feedback about our products. It is sometimes difficult to hear negative feedback but the message was clear and we intend to act upon your message.

Most importantly, Springs Creative does not condone sexism in any shape or form and does not design products to shine a negative light on females OR males. In fact, the majority of our licensed properties highlight strong female figures. We value the contributions of women greatly and are proud to say that over half of our corporate employees are indeed female. We are well represented by females in our leadership and executive positions. This issue is not something we take lightly and this is not how we operate our business as a good corporate citizen.

Our Licensing Manager is a highly professional, competent and strong woman and we stand behind her as we do all of our associates.

The good news for you is that we will be talking with our valued long term licensing partner Disney immediately about additional designs for Big Hero 6 that in fact incorporate all of the characters you know and love. We would never intentionally offend any segment of the population. We are a strong company with positive morals and values and we respect and see both genders equally.

Thank you for your support, time and attention. We sincerely believe you will be happy with the results coming your way soon.


Ow, you made soda come out my nose.


Policy change in less than 18 comments! I like it.


I would buy the hell out of some of that.