Man pranks people upset with Target for no longer segregating toys by gender


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Well this will make me even more likely to shop at Target actually.

oblig, Target is Walmart for people that know Elvis is dead.


Anyone else notice the initials of the commenter in the first image? What the fuck.


The stupid… it BURNS.


It is horrible that people nowadays think that it helps to boycott a store. Or girlcott a store. When I like to think that we have matured enough as a society that we can now agree to simply childcott stores which offend our tender sensibilities.



I’m just picturing these out of touch people who buy Barbies for their granddaughters who then pout because they didn’t get Minecraft toys instead. My niece plays Minecraft and likes comic books.


I have to say, mostly these don’t go nearly far enough. The only one that really worked for me was, “Judy, we at Target would just like to say one thing: Allahu Akbar.” That one made me laugh. The rest were mostly just a little too close to an actual corporate response.
But seriously, the boycotters are such a bunch of asshats. Really, you need your toys pointlessly segregated by arbitrary gender labels or you won’t be able to find them? If you’re buying toys for a child based simply on the gender label of the toys, you’re probably not getting the kid anything they actually want anyways…


the parents don’t actually CARE. Fox news made this a culture war issue and the mouthbreathers picked it up.

Because kids that play with the wrong color toys are bound to turn the gay.


Given how Target stores are laid out, one of the most ridiculous parts of this brouhaha is that these people are apparently going to boycott Target because (gasp) if they can’t find a toy in one aisle they will have to turn and walk down the other. A whole, what, 20 feet? Oh noes!


There’s a slight down-punchy vibe to these sorts of “fake customer service” bits. But man, I was laughing and laughing as I read these last night.

'Cause, dammnit, these dipshits have fully earned their mockery. Not only is cartoonishly-gendered crap the hill they want to die on, but it’s so important… That they somehow can’t tell one from the other without them being helpfully sorted.

Jeezus, guys: The boy stuff is blue/red/dinos, the girl stuff is pink/purple/princesses. It’s not like Target is only going to be stocking Brio trains and 70s Lego sets, from here on out. Or only grey, full-body jumpsuits.


My daughter loves playing both Barbie and Minecraft equally. And I encourage her to do so, whatever makes her happy! In fact, we do woodworking projects together and make custom Barbie sized furniture.

Sometimes my daughter likes playing ‘princess’ and the other day she asked me to make her a toy wooden sword! Which I eagerly did!

I don’t know what my point is, I think I’m just bragging. :smiley:




You will find that the Mon Cala Admiral spells his name ‘Ackbar’

(source: years of having to explain my name is not a Star Wars reference [nor an Islamic one])


I worked in grocery, and I was told weekly “I’m never coming back damn you!!”. But they come back. They always come back. A mindless consumption droid shopping at Target 3+ times a week is never going to leave.

Tip for consumer complaints: ask to talk to a manager, calmly explain your needs and dissatisfaction, and be honest. Any additional theatrics is unnecessary and will only cause you to be the target of jokes in the employee break room.


Did I steal find this here? I don’t recall, but it sums up my feelings on the topic.


Kind of funny, but this one bothers me in other ways. Don’t children have genitalia? If so, there seems to be no good reason why they can’t enjoy those toys as well. Maybe I’ll design some just for them!


people make it too easy.

Well played, Ask For Help. You’re the hero the internet deserves. Maybe not a hero. But it was lulzy.

@Capltan well spotted!