Target bans Pokémon and sports trading cards after fights between speculators

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Anyone that skilled at calligraphy is wasting their talent working at Target.


“During the assault, the victim who is a valid CCW holder, was able to access his firearm at which point his attackers fled on foot, police said.”

Lol. So that’s why Americans need to carry guns everywhere they go, to protect their baseball cards.


Did we learn nothing from the great Cabbage Patch Doll panic?


I ninjad it to hand-made but the cache had my number


My local Fred Meyer has signs up near customer service about limiting the sale to 2 packs per customer per day and they’re only sold from the customer service desk.

I was in line waiting to drop off a package behind a sketchy guy using two endorsed checks to buy some baseball cards that are secured in plastic canisters.


No, and neither did we learn from the Black Friday Beanie Baby Bloodbath.


I guess I always knew this, but America is basically my middle school lunchroom…because this is exactly what happened to the pokemans when I was in middle school.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

I dunno if Covid have made speculation/scalping an even more lucrative business for people, but collectors are super frustrated they can’t get product. And part of that reason is scalpers/resellers.

I haven’t encountered rushes on cards, but then again I am not there for cards. I am rather puzzled this is an issue. When I collected more stuff, I’d just ask my card/comic shop to order me in a box of something. I am guessing supply is more limited?

I mainly only collect Boba Fett (and other bounty hunters), but belong to two local toy hunter groups and a card/comic group as there is some over lap. But for those who do collect toys and cards, they are scrambling for stuff. I weep for the GI Joe collectors. Their new series looks amazing, and is scalped for 2x retail the instant it hits the shelves. Combine that with online store exclusives that sell out in <5 min, and even if you are right on time the site locks up so you can’t order anything. It is frustrating and dissatisfying.


– High pitched whine gets louder and louder. –

“So much fluff… fluff everywhere. You try to shove it back in and more spilled out.”


I know it’s totally unimportant in the scope of human misery, but adults who gobble up children’s toys to then gouge children (or their parents), makes me unreasonably angry. I have zero issues with adults who enjoy collecting cards, building Lego sets and the like, but this predatory greed is just disgusting.

(still bitter about that Lego At-At walker I could never get for Little Peas #2)

ETA @Mister44 beat me to the same sentiment.


Last time I was at Target they had AT-AT sets in stock. They had this set at the Lego store, too.


I’m gonna say it: this time Team Rocket has gone too far.



Yeah, it seems that they rereleased the set, but for a long time it was unavailable on the primary market and only on eBay for $300+. I don’t really like getting branded Lego sets, anyway, but he really had his heart set on it for a few years.


Nor the Tickle Me Elmo Massacre of the mid 90s.


That’s a bummer you couldn’t get the set when your son wanted it. Mr. Kidd tried to buy it for Jr. Kidd on his birthday, but Jr. Kidd thought it was too expensive. He ended up with General Grievous’ ship instead. :woman_shrugging:


I’m just glad I was able to get the Lucky Charms with the Pokemon cards for my daughter for her birthday last month. I heard people were opening boxes in the store to get them.


Of course my daughter picked this time to get really into Pokemon cards, so I’ve spent a lot of time going to Target trying to find them for her. And I see the flippers there. Every. Time. I go early in the morning. They walk in, go to the Pokemon card section and if it’s empty, they walk out. Our Target started limiting it to 3 packs per person, then one pack per person. I don’t know if these dudes have actual jobs beyond this, but this is usually about 8:00-9:00 in the morning and they’re mostly in their 30s. The day Target stopped selling them I happened to be there (because I am a SAHM and it’s Target so I’m there all the time anyway) and man, seeing those guys walk up to the card section and see that sign, and the sad look on their faces, it added 5 years to my life. That’s for all the times my kid ran over there hoping there would be Pokemon cards and there were NONE.



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