Angry religious people wander around Target yelling about bathrooms


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I would find it more funny if I didn’t live with people that agree with this nutter.

Just… Look, I realize you folk need some sort of trivial issue to get people worked up over so they will ignore just how fubar the elections are but… really?


To be fair, you do get a 5% discount on God’s judgement if you use your Red Card.


Mother of 12? Jesus lady, it’s a uterus, not a clown car.


She brings her kids into Target to tell mothers to keep their kids out of Target. Logic FTW?

I find the practice of having 12 kids to be disgusting but I’ll defend to the meh her right to have another kid to brainwash into believing her apparently hateful and judgmental doctrine.


Probably quiverfull.


It’s vital to keep the base angry over something, it doesn’t matter what. That rage prevents thinking, and we know that critical thinking is the work of the Devil.


Yay, a new gross name for the ‘old breed a congregation’ tactic.


News Flash: the trans-gendered have been using the bathrooms that correspond to their preferred sex for decades, you just didn’t notice because, well. . . a woman who only recently became a woman still looks like a woman. If she went into the men’s room then you would notice.

What people like this really want is to embarrass the trans-gendered. They want trans people to go into bathrooms that don’t correspond to their gender to draw attention to the fact that they were born the opposite sex.


I feel sorry for the kids that got dragged into it. Also, I don’t understand the use of the Bible as a prop. She’s not fighting vampires, I’m pretty sure if you read the Bible, there’s nothing in there about how it will burn the flesh of the wicked. In fact, if you’re a literalist… I’m sure you’d be shocked at the number of things not literally in the Bible.


Does 12 kids qualify as a litter?


I understand her frustration with the restroom. A mother of 12 needs a whelping box.




It’s called a fucking problem. Your vagina will break under that strain. Hell Mama dugger had to stop having kids because the risk of it killing her was too high.


I just looked up quiverfull and the image of these baby factories was now underscored in my head with this music:


Seems accurate.


Insert loonytoons montage of a factory style ‘from conception to birth’ assembly floor style automation that wheels the woman from bed, to doctor visits, to arms that drape thing around her, spread legs, and baby shoots out like her hoohaa is a cannon, straight into a waiting daiper and into the arms of the other dozen or so brats.


Watch it at 2X speed while playing yakkity sax in another window. You’re welcome.


This story and this thread…


There’s a site that allows you to add that music to any video.