Second Wachowski sibling, Lilly, comes out as a transgender woman


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It really pisses me off that people in the GOP want these women to use male bathrooms, and this guy to use a woman’s bathroom:

Right on Wachowskis, I wish we could make this easier for you…


I notice she didn’t name the reporter. Which shows her to be about 1000 times classier than the reporter.


Now we know the real meaning of the “Red Pill”


Sadly, the British tabloid press has a long history of outing trans people. I had hoped that it had ended 20 years ago


Thanks for posting that, was not familiar with him at all but he seems like a pretty incredible guy all the way around!


I don’t suppose Boing Boing will consider not linking to Daily Mail garbage in the future?


or at the very least using something like

ETA: looking at the BB article, they actually didn’t link to the Dail Heil at all. So I’m not exactly sure what the problem is?


You know, it’s really gonna stick in some assholes craws that some awesome ladies made the Matrix!


Right? What kind of a shitty person do you have to be to do something like this, especially when it’s still incredible dangerous to be trans in this world. Anything for a buck, er, pound, I suppose…


OH MY F***ING GOD *strong text WHO CARES.


Not this one, but they re-post tabloid man-bites-dog-but-isn’t-actually-sourced nonsense from them fairly regularly.


Could you tell that to the Daily Mail? I’d really appreciate it.


Backwards assholes? Also, it’s okay… you can cuss here. We won’t get upset, promise.


I narrowly missed being forced into the women’s room in my state. I have a beard, and nobody would think I belonged in a women’s room. These bathroom bills are mostly to attack transgender women. Us transgender men fly under the radar of these policy makers. It’s like we don’t exist.


You know, that’s an interesting point. I wonder what drives the overemphasis on transwomen? Is it the inability of some people to understand why one would want to lose their privilege and become a woman? But you’re totally right that most of the focus on the trans community has been on transwomen…


Probably similar reasons why gay men face somewhat more discrimination than gay women, and why women wearing traditionally male clothes is acceptable while men wearing traditionally female clothes is considered unacceptable. In a misogynistic patriarchal culture, where women and femininity are coded as being inherently inferior, for someone who enjoys the immense privileges of masculinity to adopt any sort of feminine position (behaving in a stereotypically feminine way, being on the ‘receiving’ end of penetrative sex, acknowledging and living a female identity, etc.) is considered a completely vulgar and blasphemous affront to the established hierarchy.


So, gay men and transmen are inherently more subversive? Hm. That makes a fair amount of sense.


Reactionaries perceive transwomen as men invading women’s safe spaces, spaces which the reactionaries believe it is their responsibility to police?


What particular thing are you wondering “who cares?” about?

(Personally I don’t care about Sens8 since I found it kind of boring but it didn’t occur to me that I could complain here in the comments about something I’m not interested in being mentioned…hmmm)