As transgender rights get rolled back, America needs more bathroom cops


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But… but… small government :confused:


“Small government” and “get government out of our lives” is conservative double-speak for “a government that criminalizes things you do with your own body that the church doesn’t approve of.”


Have there been any proposals of how this bathroom justice will in reality be enforced?


The Catholic Church doesn’t approve of fucking over the poor, or the death penalty, but is in favor of healthcare.

Many other churches are the same way, but do approve of contraception and abortion.


Good thing there’s a hiring freeze.


A job only a pedophile could love.


Something I’ve started asking: why is this so urgent that action is needed now? Transgender people have been around for…well, a really long time. What threat do transgender people suddenly pose that didn’t exist before?

I don’t expect any answers, or at least any good ones because there are no good reasons, but I hope it’ll be telling to see supporters of these “bathroom bills” spin their wheels as they try to explain why this is a problem they didn’t see fit to address some time ago.


A new show coming to Fox this Spring.


Legally, I have no idea. But, I have no doubt that the busy-bodies at the WalMart will deputize themselves to double check everyone, based on some super scientific criteria I’m sure.


Small government for the Right People. Overbearing Big Brother for everyone and everything we disaprove of, and make them pay for it because they mooch off of me anyhow. Carry your own weight you worthless fleabag.

Then again here? How do you fight the argument of ‘well this means some sleezebag can follow a little girl into a bathroom then when stopped go ‘I identify as a woman’ and have to be let through.’ Seriously I can think logical reasons why that’s bullshit but that’s like one of those ‘brain shuts down’ arguments once gotten hold of near impossible to let go.


Fool that only applies to business!! Not to sticking our noses in your private parts!!!

the TGOP


It would probably be quite easy to do what many communities do already, and lock up all the truly public bathrooms. That way you kill the transgender bird and homeless bird with the same ignorance stone.



It’s happened before.


Wow, that was a really depressing read.


That’s not intrusive enough. The rule is that regardless of whether you’re currently endowed with a vulva - it’s what’s on your original birth certificate that matters.

So you’re going to have to carry around your birth certificate and the nonexistent proof that’s it’s your original birth certificate.

So - besides being evil - it’s unenforceable on multiple levels. Not that this will stop harassment and arrest.


As McAfee once said, there’s other countries where people pee in the streets no problem. . .if this is what we are worried about gov doing than there is something bigger at hand (paraphrasing, border line conspiracy)
Has anyone else gotten the H.R 899 memo ?:cry::cry::cry:

Also, how did they go to the bathroom before, why is it a problem now


Because PERVERTS man. Don’t you know? THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

No seriously probably started as pushback from when transgendered rights got some mainstream coverage right around the time Chaz Bono got on morning TV. Probably some pushback before then beyond background ‘normal’ bigotry, but I noticed the defensive rampup happening when ‘obama ben laiden gave them perverts the right to sneak into a little girl’s bathroom.’


Just not the transgendered children. Best to pretend they don’t exist at all.