Trump rolls back Obama-era protections for transgender students


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I hear the Nazis cheering.


I think you’re misrepresenting just a little. Sessions is the villain here. DeVos actually stood up to him a little, on behalf of trans kids, before she caved.


Ok, I got that on the record so she’ll be excused when the criminal trial[s] start.

[note sadly the sarcasm]


If I say “well of course they did.” can we just make it absolutely clear that that doesn’t mean that I condone it in the slightest, only that I’m not actually surprised? Thanks. :frowning2:


Trump revives toilet culture wars

Is this the long awaited tRump Jobs Initiative? Is this how he plans to put Americans back to work?


Both greed and bullying are good if you always win.

Come to think of it I do agree with shit-gibbon on one thing.
I am getting tired of “winning”.


I read on Slate that DeVos was against it, but Sessions was for it. Trump cast the deciding vote.

Guess it depends on whether you trust the source (or, like some conspiracy-minded folks speculated, this was put out there to try to get DeVos some sympathy).


That could be true.


I wonder what took them so long to get to this one? :thinking:


You’ll need a genital inspector assigned to each school classroom. Also a training department and licensing bureau for genital inspectors. Lots of jobs right there.


Shhhhh! The Orange Shit Gibbon will hear you.


“Sham president Donald Trump’s sham government on Wednesday…”

@xeni I think you meant to write “piece of shit” rather than “sham.”


Hey - this whole concept of letting the states determine individually what federal law and policy means sounds interesting.

Looking forward to it being applied to the SEC, FDA, drug laws, air traffic control and selective service.

Thank god we’ve got Ambassador Caitlyn on the job!
Dumb as a box of hammers.


Roger That!


Sessions likely wants it applied to women’s sufferage and the emancipation proclamation.


Malarial mosquitos are of more benefit to humanity than 45 and his infestation of vermin. Meaning no offense to the insects that simplify were born that way. At least they made no effort to devolve into one of the most disgusting life forms on earth.


All funded by wealthy transpobic bigots, right? We wouldn’t want to increase government spending or anything because we’re all fans of reducing the size and budget of the government…



Donald Trump isn’t President- that’s fake news.