Texas gentleman patrols ladies' restroom, tells woman "You're dressed like a man"


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Obama to schools: let transgender kids use the bathroom matching their gender

Christ, what an asshole.


Better hope he never sees pictures of known manly man and all around badass Teddy Roosevelt in a dress.


We can look forward to a lot more of this. It may get entertaining before it gets nauseating.


I think it skipped right over entertaining. Next step is the equivalent of the Iranian clothing police.


Thin end of the wedge…


Or open carry cowboys who just stand near the door ready to shoot any of them perverts he done heard 'bout on the Daily Caller and Breitbart.


Yesterday, at the mall, I saw a Sikh woman with pretty much a full goatee and mustache. This is the kind of person these bullshit laws are going to catch. Far far more people who are doing their gender “wrong” than some strawman-in-a-dress peeping in the stall.

I’m as cisgender as can be, but I have a voice low enough that it registers as tenor, a prominent Adam’s apple, and an unfortunate amount of body hair (hell I could probably grow a goatee myself). Sometimes, people ask if my hair is a wig (because it’s curly? I guess?). If Janet Mock and I walked into the ladies’ room together, I’d be the one who got side-eye.

What’s really pissing me off about these laws is that nothing has changed. Trans women were already peeing next to me. Creeps were already using any excuse to sneak into bathrooms (and locker rooms, Mr. Hastert.) And most infuriatingly, society doesn’t take sexual assault seriously enough anyway so is anyone even really going to CARE if my ass gets groped in the bathroom? I mean, I’d wager the Venn diagram of people who are upset about “them transgenders” using the bathroom and people who think Cosby’s accusers are lying bitches is pretty close to circular.


Is there any suggestion he was “policing”? My take: he was trying to be helpful (hey, buddy, Men’s Room over there), realises mistake, has camera thrust in face. Good click bait headline though. I’m thinking it’s time I moved on from bb.


Wouldn’t it be obvious due to the lack of urinals that it wasn’t a men’s toilet? … Actually, there’s a question, do men’s toilets always have urinals, or to some places only have stalls?


“That’s the shit we deal with,” Rush says, sounding resigned, as the man retreats.

How Rush stayed calm and refrained from telling that guy to fuck right off is beyond my understanding. Then again, I guess you don’t want to antagonize someone like that. Ugh.




She missed her chance.

When he said you’re dressed like a man, she should have said, Well, one of us has to.


It has happened more than once that I have confusedly not found the urinals, used a stall, and was trying to figure out what that weird box was for when the light dawned on Marblehead.


Not to mention the once or twice I’ve done it on accident I’ve always thought, “Wow they sure do keep it clean in here.”


oh honey, you got lucky. Women’s bathrooms get gross.


It’s funny how all these people we see obsessing about what goes on in the women’s room seem to be men.


While I won’t doubt that…I’ve never heard a woman say someone has managed to smear shit on the toilet, the toilet seat, the stall walls, and of course the floor. And I’m not talking like explosive types of issues either. I think some men learned their bathroom skills in the great outdoors.


And to think, no one died, no one was molested, and no one was scared for life. Remarkable!


It would be entertaining, if it wasn’t so stupidly dangerous for transgender women. This is like someone holding open season on them.