Mike Huckabee: Wish I could’ve said I was transgender in high school, to shower with teen girls


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I don’t know about creepy. But definitely puerile and insensitive.


How very Presidential of him.


Please put Huckabeast back in the clown car…


I think some people get trapped in the social-conservative politicians’ lifestyle, and can’t even remember who they are or what they need… I hope someone can help Huckabee and so many others escape that lifestyle…



…stupid, I mean.


Luckily, time will help us all escape him and his ilk soon enough (although, depressingly, he’s at least 10 years younger than I’d have guessed).


Christ, what an asshole.

A clueless, insensitive, fear-mongering asshole.


if she goes into the restroom cannot be offended and you can’t be offended if she’s greeted there by a 42-year-old man who feels more like a woman than he does a man

Well, no, she’s free to be offended as shit. She just doesn’t get to demand that strangers be humiliated just to protect her (for a seven-year-old) weirdly vindictive pearl-clutching sensibilities.


Dear Mr Huckabee,

This may be hard for you to believe, but not everyone is a pervert. Some people just want to use the restroom without being afraid, or attacked.

I also want to note that this is a timely issue for me. The college that I work for just installed 22 all-gender bathrooms (which can be used by everyone). The gratitude from our transgendered students and staff has been heart-warming. For some, the largest barrier to getting an education was the inability to access a public restroom safely.


People like Huckabee don’t care. Anyone who doesn’t fit their definition of “normal” is sub-human and doesn’t deserve respect or sensitivity from them…


Bingo! So true…


Haha I was scrolling to see if someone beat me to it.


Really, his statements unpack to:

Think of the children!


Gender identity is solely about sexual titillation for adolescent males.


Christ, what an asshole.


Because that’s not how it works. Gender Dismorphia isn’t ever as flippant as “today I feel like a female”.



The spectre that conservatives are raising is that there will be people who are not genuinely experiencing gender dysmorphia, who will say they are to gain access to women’s spaces. And how would a distinction be made between a trans woman, and someone pretending to be trans in order to, say, enter the women’s locker room?

I’m not saying such a thing is likely, just that that’s the fear they’re referencing.

Men have been known to invade women’s spaces with the intent to gratify themselves sexually, and the Huckabee types are capitalizing on that to stoke the fear that creepos will just PRETEND to have gender dysmorphia.


Of course, they can’t change the changing rooms, because social conservatives need somewhere that queer students can’t escape violence and administrators can pretend not to know about the violence.


Is there any evidence that this has EVER happened? Even once?

Seriously, this is less of an issue than the specter of rampant “voter fraud” that conservatives have used to push through discriminatory ID laws.


I don’t even think that it’s that “deep” with these morons.
Anything other than white and straight is not OK. “Those people”
This is just another incident along the way for one last grasp at a literally dying breed. There are still a fair but dwindling number of stupid, old assholes that will never change and have been freaking out since a black guy was elected prez. This is why the elevated histrionics in the press, when in actuality, most Americans are past so-called social conservative issues.
I’m not sure why dipshits like Huckabee haven’t gotten the memo yet, but if his ilk keep trying to run on the dumb rube platform, it’s not going to work.
But keep it up - Bernie 2016!