Texas gentleman patrols ladies' restroom, tells woman "You're dressed like a man"


Seriously no. Nobody needs help finding the men’s room. Women don’t need some guy policing how much they fit the feminine stereotype.


“I could be a man, how would you know, maybe you want to inspect my genitals, is that it?”


Um - you don’t work with my wife then.

Seriously - the building manager had to send out a notice to the ENTIRE building about the womans restrooms.


I don’t know. When I see a stall like that, I can’t help but think it was on purpose.


~Someone who knows how to s**t in the woods


So you’re a bear, eh? Good to know .


Some places only have stalls, particularly in buildings where management have changed the toilets from women’s to men’s for some reason. Once at work we all went off site for a meeting and returned to find the toilets had been swapped over.


I used to live in Texas and it wasn’t that long ago that people stood outside of restrooms to make sure blacks didn’t enter the wrong restroom.


I’m so tired of perchers who don’t clean up their spray.


Julia Gillard was once told to get on the wives bus in New Zealand. As a friend of mine commented at the time, the driver drives the bus. His responsibilities end there.


I have to say that having to clean Wal-Mart bathrooms, that the womens rooms were always more messy, with more trash, and more weird stuff you weren’t sure what it was, along with diapers, make up, blood, etc.

Men’s rooms tend to have more piss everywhere, but piss is the least icky thing in the bathrooms.

Though I never had anything catastrophic like shit purposefully smeared everywhere.


Man goes into ladies’ restroom because he doesn’t want men in ladies’ restrooms…

It’s both self-fulfilling and self-defeating at the same time.


Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! :smiley:


Best version of the “fuck off with your gender stereotypes” comeback:


Other men might tell you differently to spare your womanly sensitivities, but in most men’s latrines, we piss into a communal trough.

It’s rude to cross streams, though.


I was once in the men’s room during intermission at a crowded theatre. Several women decided the line for the womens’ washroom was just too long and marched into the men’s, loudly announcing that they were liberating the men’s room. This isn’t really something you want to hear in medias res at the urinal, but it was probably worse for the men who entered the room later. Still, as you say, I lived, with only minor scarring.


This is what the Target boycott (over a policy that has been in place for years) seems to reveal to me: There are parents out there who either think or are pretending to think that a company policy will change the behavior of actual molesters, peeping toms, and sex offenders. It’s not like laws against such acts have stopped these kinds of people from perpetrating evils. It’s not like a Target employee is going to stumble upon molestation occurring in a restroom and just walk away because the perpetrator said they were in the correct bathroom. This faux or ignorant outrage just makes me think there are a lot of irresponsible parents out there who let others do their parenting for them.

Statistically, you need to be more concerned about Uncle Joe molesting your kids than some stranger in a Target bathroom.


Here in the New World such things have mostly been phased out in favour of one’s very own personal pot. I haven’t seen one like that for years.

I remember going to a pub in England some years ago, where the gents’ was a concrete block structure outside with no lights. As my eyes adjusted to the faint glow of moonlight from the open doorway, I could see there was nothing there but a shallow ditch running around three sides of the room.


I was just noticing this the other day. How utterly bizarre is it that in men’s rooms, urinals are commonly arranged so that we’re expected to stand nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with other men, no dividers, no real privacy at all (don’t even get me started on the freakin’ trough system pictured above). I mean, who -enjoys- carrying out that biological function with a stranger literally inside your personal space? Whereas in women’s rooms, it’s private stalls all the way.

I feel like this whole situation speaks to the deeper, disturbed psychosis of the “manhood” cult… and possibly relates to the current ridiculous moral panic about transgender folks using men’s rooms. Maybe it’s just a cry for help–these finger-pointing “manly men” want a little more security and privacy in the restroom, but can’t bring themselves to ask for it like a sane human being, for fear that doing so somehow conveys… what? Weakness?


I have to say that my gut reaction was that both people were in an awkward confrontation. Do you think public restrooms should be unisex? I think the root cause of this confrontation is our need to hide away when we relieved ourselves. A bike out in the open where everyone can see is never stolen. So too could this problem be solved with a decrease in modesty.


The persons who persist in modesty can be shipped off to explore other stars. Clearly, they have no need for the company of other humans.