Have you ever had sex in your Comic-Con costume?


Newsflash: Jimmy Kimmel is a shit.


No doubt. It’s like everyone has forgotten the juvenile humor from The Man Show. This seems more appropriate for that crap. Thought he grew up since then, guess not.


Not really. At least there’s no girls on trampolines on his show, and his opening monologue is sometimes clever, but…he excels at being funnier than Letterman and Arsenio.

Audience response is pretty telling, too. With the one woman of the group, it was an emphatic “YEEEEEES!” With the nerdy guys, an emphatic “NOOOOOOOO!” A like-minded crowd; girls are there because they’re fake geeks there to show off their bodies, and guys are there to show off their virginity. Everybody “knows” this. There certainly couldn’t be anybody there just because they, you know, enjoy doing what they’re doing and want to hang out with like-minded people.


I wonder if they were intercepting people outside because cons are having more rules against inappropriate behaviour, especially for the benefit of cosplayers (thankfully).

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Talk about damned with faint praise.

(which may have been your point?)


“Do we even have to ask?” What a dick… It’s almost as though they were ‘virginity-shaming’ him! (Not that this was ever mentioned… the only question was whether he’d had sex in costume - but the crowd and Mr Kimmel’s response was just so damning. How dare they?) (Serious rage face)

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Meh… I was expecting a bunch of scantily clad females being harassed. Really not the case at all. I feel like this is a lame attempt to conflate juvenile humor with the geek feminist outrage du jour of sexual harassment at cons (which does deserve discussion, but this lame baiting kind of dilutes the conversation).

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I went as Ariel to a party once (It was my housemate’s “disney themed” 20th birthday, and the four of us who lived together had to go as princesses. As a redhead, it made sense) - BIG mistake. While we were out, I had several guys attempting to remove my top because CLEARLY I was dressed like that to be noticed by them, even though I was trying to stay by my friends (who were all dressed up too) at all times because I had a feeling I’d get weird looks or unwanted attention. I’d had second, third and fourth thoughts about even wearing the costume while I was making it.

Luckily, my boyfriend was dressed as Fidget the Bat and had his wing on my shoulder all night when he realised what was going on. I shouldn’t have to worry about being labelled just because I’m wearing a costume… I made it especially for my friend’s birthday and ended up having a horrible time for a while just because the guys there had some sort of entitlement thing going on. :frowning:


Yep, I cosplay as naked Peter Parker…


I looked up Jimmy Kimmel in the dictionary and it said, “See, ass-hole”. Harsh, but, hey, its a dictionary, so it must be right.

Given the time and talent people put in to their cosplay costumes, they really should be spared toss like this. There was a very dismissive “feature” on Comic-con Cosplay in the Guardian which was similarly corrosive.


OK, even though I’m a guy, I understand part of it. Redheaded women have this largely undeserved reputation. I even know a guy who claims to be a feminist, who nonetheless has this creepy attitude toward redheaded women. I kept him away from my wife when we were in college. Having said all that…no, I don’t get it. I will never understand the infantile mentality of some people, and confronting them usually leads to a pointless fistfight where they just get pissed and keep being infants.

I’d totally go to conventions dressed in a Star Trek DS9/First Contact costume, but I know that being somewhat overweight just adds to the “OMG 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN AHOY!” attitude. I caught enough hell as it was, when I used to wear my DS9 comm badge as flair.


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:smiley: I didn’t think that the Guardian would do the old switcheroo :smiley: The bastards!

We regret the error.

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I’m sorry your evening our was spoiled, but newsflash - if a group of adults go out in public dressed up in crazy costumes, they’re going to attract crazy attention. In fact, most people are going to assume you WANT the attention. Otherwise, why would you go out like that? It is also an undeniable reality that if an attractive woman dresses up in a way that flatters her attractiveness in any way, guys, especially drunk guys, are going to notice and some of them will probably behave badly. Its a shame that the world is this way, but it is. I think you and your friends made an exceptionally poor judgement call bringing your 20 year old Disney themed birthday party to a public venue where you must know it was going to draw attention.

Hell yeah! Why would a woman wear fancy dress unless she wanted to get raped, amirite?

What. The. Fuck?


Heh, how quick before RBiggs34234’s comment gets removed for victim blaming? Please, guys, don’t do that; removing comments has a chilling effect (imho) and as tiresome as the comment is, it’s a teachable moment.

if a group of adults go out in public dressed up in crazy costumes, they’re going to attract crazy attention.

Surely you’re enough of an adult that you know there’s a difference between paying attention to a woman in a seashell bra, and trying to remove that bra against her will. Surely you get that, on some level.

I mean…a while back, I kept seeing boudoir photo retouch work show up on freelance sites, and thought, what the hell, I’m not having luck on these, it seems like this is a popular trend, let’s see who’s doing this locally and if I have any luck locally. And when I did a search, lo, I found women I’ve met in person, in lingerie or less.

Two questions: since I found at least one of them to be attractive, do they a.) owe me a peek, in person, and b.) do they owe me sex?

I mean, surely by them putting their pictures in public portfolios, they’re broadcasting to the world that they want to have sex with the world, right?

Of course not. They had sexy photos made, and they had their reasons, and whether we agree with them or not is irrelevant. They don’t owe me, you, or anyone else a damn thing.

Now, having said all that, after seeing people I knew, I decided against bidding. Seeing familiar faces made me uncomfortable, and I’m sure some of them would be uncomfortable if they found out some guy had been retouching their photos. And yes, some of those studios that go on Elance and oDesk are the ones who assure their customers that their photos are safe and secure in their studio…smh.


‘We regert the erorr’ FTFY
/remembers 70s Grauniad


A: you’re wrong.
B: many, many people, far more qualified than I am to undertake the task, are about to tell you so. They’re gonna tell you hard, and in detail. And they are going to be rightly justified in doing so.
Unless, of course, some asshole is on the internet making stupid posts and putting your name on them, as it were…