Have you ever had sex in your Comic-Con costume?


Bullshit. It doesn’t matter what a woman is wearing, because what she is wearing is never justifiable as consent for any sort of action against her. You say its a shame that the world is this way, but by calling Zaza’s judgement into question you defend the actions of the men who were harassing her as acceptable because they are “normal”. Not to mention your logic makes absolutely no sense.

Women are harassed and thought of as sexual objects first on a daily basis regardless of what they are wearing. What next? You going to call into question their judgement being born a woman?

None of them deserve it. Yes that is the way the world is unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it and blaming women for the actions of men like you are doing certainly isn’t going to help anyone.


Seriously? I take it “most people” includes you from your rapey-apologetic guys-will-be-guys justification. You get extra asshole points for excusing guys’ drunken behavior.


See what I mean?


Popcorn hadn’t even popped…


Its a shame that the world is this way, but it is.

You know why it’s still that way? Because people like you are too busy patronizing the victims to remind assholes and bullies that they’re never entitled to abuse anyone whatsoever. Shame indeed.


I thought Kimmels bit was pretty tame. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog doesn’t pull any punches. Though really, if you can’t laugh at yourself…


Ewww…where’s the outrage on THIS comment? It’s like one of those delayed reaction jokes on Arrested Development.


I cosplay as an immobile 1:1 scale model of my house, so yeah.


You mean like, “Is there a little girl here all by herself? Daddy needs to get his rocks off.”


Personally, I’m all for chilling effects on trolls. THEN SHATTERING THEM with my plus 9… Ahem. So much neater than acid.


So that’s a “yes” to sex?
Follow up question: What do you do when your “Spidey-Sense” is tingling? I mean, aside from the obvious (ahem) but you can’t just go web-slinging everywhere au naturel


Okay, in public I am naked Flash… (just don’t tell the ladies)



This Kimmel guy is wearing an old fashioned costume right there, with it’s look at me, “I’m normal” jacket and tie configuration. Has this boring nerd had sex in his costume yet? What’s that? :smile:


Hello, 16th Century! How’s the Plague?


Well, if they knew they were going to act like that, then those men should never have gone out drinking in the first place. They were just asking to get yelled at by a mermaid and a giant bat.


Eh, I’ve been on a bit of a kick about it. Threatening people for “victim blaming” when discussing the Malaysia Airlines went a bit overboard; wondering why commercial flights were still going through a warzone isn’t blaming the victims at all imho, but it shut down the discussion, good or bad.

Plus, if all you allow is certain types of conversation, it turns into an echo chamber imho.

Anyway, sorry to get offtopic.


Not really forgotten so much as a) he tones it down a bit for his talk show and b) he was followed by Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope, who were even worse.


Ladies’n’gennlemen, we have a winnah!


But seriously, people who use that “well, you shouldn’t have gone out” argument always sound like pearl-clutching elderly aunts. Like, “How dare you go out and have fun on your best friend’s birthday! You should have stayed home and knit like a good girl.” Unless one breaks the law, it should be their inalienable right to be free to party without having to deal with jerks.