$1 piano vs $1000 piano


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/26/1-piano-vs-1000-piano.html



For some reason, I’m imagining Dr. Terwilliger buying 1,000 of them…


This just makes me realize how out of touch I am with contemporary pop music.

Also, neither of these instruments are pianos. But everyone already knows that, right?


You know that @beschizza likes to troll the BBS denizens, right?


My favourite part is the fellow on the right attempting to stay stone-faced while the fellow on the left plays the $1 instrument.


I think more YouTubers have bought those $1 “Pianos” than have been bought for little kids.


I think the $1 one needs new batteries.


Usually it’s the fellow on the left staying stony-faced.


I appreciate the added touch of donning the hoodie so it appears that emergence from the womb is imminent.


I’ll just leave this here.


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