At the first rock festival, pianos fell from the sky


heh, the Helix, I found out about these guys last year when I found this image on the internet:

if only.

What note does a piano make if you drop it down a mine shaft?
B flat minor.
What note does a piano make if you drop it over an army base?
B flat major.


They wanted to try that with a Republican, but a “perfectly good one” couldn’t be found.

Bang Zoom!

This makes me think of one of the funniest/saddest summaries of the Bush mal-adventures in Iraq:

“It’s like watching a piano tumble out of an airplane, catch on fire, and fall into a puppy farm.”


That actually happened. REALLY!

I have a friend in Duvall and they actually re-enacted the piano drop for the 100th year anniversary of the town’s founding. This is a video of the event.

The impetus for this particular crazy idea is a matter of low-key debate among Piano Drop historians and those who were there.

a matter of low-key debate


oh, brah-vo, Collectors Weekly. very droll.


I like the way they did it on Northern Exposure.


Do not forget the ‘Ark Royal’ launch on “Not Only …but Also”…

Damn, the telly looks tame these days…

One piano =/= “pianos.” The story was already awesome, there’s no need to embellish.

It wasn’t really ‘the first rock festival’, either (e.g. Monterey Pop was a year before).

‘Fell from the sky’ is a bit suspect as well- ‘dropped from a small distance above the ground’ is probably more accurate.

So how much of the headline is true? I think we can all agree on ‘at’.

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It’s Boing Boing true.


Did someone say flaming piano?


#Reality Hackers

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Depends on what you are high on/how drunk you are.

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I was looking on eBay for marinas a while back, as it would make a HILARIOUS sleeper (Rover V8, decent gearbox, stout live axle, all pretty much a Bolt-on job). Know how much a good one goes for?Three. Fucking. Grand. No, really.

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All I can think is “Holy Shit, how much does a full tank of petrol cost these days?!”
You could actually get a real car for that money…

Still not worth having to sit through an Eagles set.